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Have you listened to these podcasts yet? This is why you should!

During this pandemic year I’ve had more time to listen to podcasts. Which is lucky, because there are a lot of excellent podcasts out there!

When I was a poor student, over 20 years ago, I had no internet in my room. What I did have was a really old television set. In fact it was so old it started making weird noises and I was so afraid it would blow up one day, I decided to not turn it on again.

Instead, I listened to the radio a lot. Not just music, but also a lot of great journalism. In the age of internet I thought that radio had died out a bit, until podcasts started appearing left and right. These days I feel like podcasts have actually saved radio.

So here are my favourite podcasts that I listened to this year.


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Madame Helga

Wandering In Wonderland

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