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Floor Jansen shows her audience how ‘to metal’

The Dutch TV show ‘Beste Zangers‘ has a simple enough concept: gather 7 professional singers per series and let them perform for each other in sunny Ibiza. In each episode the performers alternate as the central artist. The other artists then sing a song that’s special to artist in the spotlight that week.

So during this season, with artists as diverse as YouTube star Emma Heesters, opera singer Henk Poort, latin pop star Rolf Sanchez, singer-songwriter Ruben Annink, rocker Tim Akkerman and Dutch language singer Samantha Steenwijk, Floor Jansen got the opportunity to sing the most varied repertoire – and to show the Dutch audience her talent.

Because you might not realise it, but even though Floor Jansen is one of the most famous metal singer in the world, in the Netherlands she was actually not that well-known at all – until this TV show that was. In fact, it was so well received that she decided to do a solo tour through her home country. All shows sold out in less than 24 hours …

I was therefore very happy to be able to get tickets for the show in The Hague, in the venue ‘t Paard. So on 1 February 2020 my best friend, my sister and I went to the old town to first have dinner and then walk to ‘t Paard. The queue was already pretty damn long! So much for trying to stand first row … But luckily we did get pretty close anyway.

The audience was of course not your average Nightwish crowd. It was a lovely mix of stay-at-home mums, quite a lot of wheelchair users, metal fans, young and old … The show itself was a real treat, with of course songs she performed during ‘Beste Zangers’, but also old After Forever songs (Strong, Face Your Demons), Nightwish songs (a ballad version of Nemo, and Our Decades In The Sun, during which Floor couldn’t keep her eyes dry), and giving me goosebumps with the lovely Bridle Passion from her project Northward with Norwegian guitarist Jørn Viggo Lofstad, which she had never had the chance before to perform live.

Floor also proved to be quite the comedy talent, with many jokes between songs – like jokingly introducing the verb ‘metallen’ (‘to metal’) into the Dutch language. The dessert was Phantom of the Opera, her duet with special guest Henk Poort. During the TV show he said he would only perform Phantom with her on the condition that they would also sing it together during the Nightwish shows later in 2020 in Amsterdam. My ticket is already in the pocket, so: to be continued!

EDIT: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic the Nightwish tour has been postponed to 2021.


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